Know God


Deuteronomy 7:9

Deuteronomy 7:9 has recently become one of my favorite nuggets of scripture.  It reads with authority and integrity, it is a reminder and command that crosses time unending.  It’s a bit like a taco—compact, yet so much packed into a delicious little shell. Let’s examine.

The verse begins with an implied command, to know.  Defined by Merriam-Webster, know means to have understanding of; to perceive directly.  This single word eliminates the option of being indecisive. “Know that the Lord your God is God,” reads with such strength; I can only imagine the authority it held when spoken by Moses directly to the Israelites.  It’s a reminder—the big G-God, the God of all gods, the God that calls you His chosen people, the God that led you out of captivity, yes, that One— He IS GOD!  

The same God, that is the true God, yes, He’s faithful too.  The Israelites knew God was faithful—despite their constant setbacks; by this point they had crossed the Red Sea with an army at their backs, received the Ten Commandments, and eaten food from the sky, yet they still needed a pep talk reminder.  In their defense they’d been wandering in the wilderness for a long time.

Deuteronomy 7:9 is part of the instructions being received by the Israelites before they enter the land flowing with milk and honey.  It’s an effort by Moses to help the Israelites remember from where they came and where they were headed. This one short verse strikes to the core of an Israelite, a recollection of God’s gracious covenant of deliverance and a charge to keep walking in His ways.  

Perhaps you find yourself in a position of needing to be reminded of God’s grace.  You may be tired of walking, worn down by the requirements of summer, simply longing to be on the other side.  Stop and take a moment to reflect on all that God has done to get you to this very moment. Rest in Deuteronomy 7:9—God is God, He is faithful, His covenant with us is extremely gracious and we must keep His commands and keep going for His Glory.  

Tiffany Bailey , Collegiate Missions Specialist | TBMB

Chelsea Monroe