The Work is the Gift


Ecclesiastes 3:9-13

Many people steer clear of Ecclesiastes when searching for encouragement, but I have always found it perfectly uplifting. Solomon, the wisest of all kings, wrote down many aspects of life and counted it all meaningless. However, he doesn’t leave us without hope and instruction on how to make it fulfilling and with great purpose. The only thing we need to do in order to find meaning is simple: fear God. Once we have chosen to do that, everything else comes naturally.

Now, don’t misunderstand the words of Solomon. We aren’t supposed to tremble in our boots at the thought of our Lord, but rather have total reverence and respect for Him as our Creator and Navigator. We can understand this now (post-New Testament) to mean accepting Christ as our Savior and claiming God as our One and Only.  The Teacher (read: Solomon)  makes it explicitly clear that apart from God, we have no purpose.

Since you are serving in a missions role, it is reasonable to assume that you have chosen to accept Him into your heart. So what is Chapter 3 saying about your life on earth? God created all people to work, and He calls that beautiful. No matter your skill, your gifts, or your position - if you are working with the fear of the Lord - it is good in His eyes. God gave us the gift of passion and the opportunity to work hard while living out our days.

Solomon encourages us when he teaches that there is nothing better than to work with a joyful heart and do our best for the Lord. This is such simple instruction for achieving fulfillment!

Chelsea Monroe, Administrative Assistant | TBMB

Chelsea Monroe