Smartest One in the Room


1 Corinthians 2:1-2

I admit it. I like being known as one of the smartest guys in the room. And the kingdom of God needs smart people, right? It helps to be able to have a conversation about whatever is the most pressing or immediate issue of the day.

Paul was certainly a smart guy. He was educated under Gamaliel in what was one of the finest religious schools in the religious capital of his religion. He was born in a Greek-speaking city and knew at least three languages: Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Since his early years were spent there, he probably was trained in rhetoric, a subject for which the Greeks were renowned.

However, Paul understood that being “the smart guy” meant nothing apart from Jesus. Paul knew a lot about a variety of subjects. His life experience alone qualified him as an expert in several fields in which we spend much time seeking the advice of experts. But when it came time for ministry - especially the early stages of ministry in a new place - Paul made the conscious decision “to know nothing… except Jesus and him crucified.”

You may be the smartest person in the room, the person who knows a lot about a certain topic, or just the one to come to when someone has a question. But as you begin your work this summer, consider how you really want to be known in the beginning stages. Do you want to leave the field this summer being known as someone who knows a lot about a sport or hot topic on the news? Or, would you like to be remembered as the person who knew Christ?

Paul was on to something. As you begin your work, resolve “to know nothing… except Jesus and him crucified.”

Benjie Shaw, Collegiate Ministry Specialist | UTHSC

Chelsea Monroe