Application Process

Follow the steps in this application process if you are applying for a Send TN Missions Opportunity or a scholarship for an International Mission Board or North American Mission Board Opportunity.

Step 1: Pre-Application

Complete the pre-application and begin the process of becoming a Tennessee Summer Missionary!

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Local Interview *
All applicants must complete a local interview with either their BCM Campus Minister or their local church. You are responsible for making this appointment. Who will conduct your interview?
Requirements *
These are requirements that must be met before you apply for a SendTN Missions project.
Policy Agreement For Student Missions *
You must read and agree to the terms of this Student Missions Policy before completing your application. The following guidelines have been formed to help you remain focused throughout the summer of service and have proven to be very helpful to former student missionaries. Dating: Dating and the forming of exclusive relationships are not allowed while serving on the field. Trips Home: Trips home are not allowed except for emergencies in the immediate family. You must inform the SendTN Missions office if emergencies arise requiring a trip home. Trips will be made at the student's expense. Parent Visits: Parents, we appreciate your support. If you must see your child during the summer, the student must receive approval from his/her supervisor. It is important that the visits not interfere with the ministry. Also, we ask that you or the student contact the SendTN Missions office to let us know of your visit. Friend Visits: Visits from friends and boyfriends/girlfriends are not permitted during the term of service. Financial Records: Students will keep precise financial records of BCM Student Missions money spent and will make every effort to exhibit wise stewardship in handling missions money Alcohol/Tobacco Use: Student agrees to abstain from any use or promotion of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco products during student missions term.

Step 2: Full Application

After you have completed and submitted the pre-application, you may move on to Step Two: Position Application.

Please be careful to select the correct application link. Students applying for Gen Send positions and international positions outside of the 2019 Send TN Missions Opportunities should select the coinciding application link. If you are unsure if your desired opportunity is a Send TN opportunity, read the list.  Students applying for positions directly through IMB or NAMB may be eligible for scholarship through Send TN Missions.

Step 3: Wait Patiently & Check Your Email Daily!